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Howard will inspire your Audience and Provoke their Thingking Around Innovation and Digital Transformation through Storytelling, Insights and Participatory Exercises.
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Speaking Programs

Suddenly Remote?

Meetings are the heartbeat of most businesses – where information is shared, ideas are generated, decisions are made, and work is coordinated. That’s why the effectiveness of meetings can make or break a company.

In this interactive online session, Howard shares best practices for using online conferencing software, keeping online attendees engaged, facilitating real-time discussion for large groups, and utilizing visual material when presenting online.

He also shares tips from his Amazon bestselling eBook, Impactful Online Meetings.

Dont Be Like Blockbuster!

Ongoing digital transformation of your brand’s promise and customer experience is essential to engaging and retaining the digital customer. Many long-standing industry leaders have stumbled in this area, and even some of the generation of internet giants are struggling to keep up with the current wave.

Howard will outline the five key reasons enterprises fail at digital transformation and offer a playbook of how any enterprise can overcome these challenges. Combining industry trend information from cited sources with personal anecdotes and engaging audience exercises that drive home hey learnings via experiential activities, the program will give participants an overview of the steps they need to take to participate in the rescue and/or maximization of their company’s ongoing digital transformation.

Your Company Isn't Digital

Unpopular Opinion Time: Your Company Isn’t Digital

It’s your customers who are digital.

Being customer-centric is critical for companies today. This session explores the difference between customer love and customer loyalty, and ultimately, why you should be invested in building a future I which your brand inspires both.

Participants will discuss these differences, explore best practices for user research, customer journey-mapping, and other tactics to really understand the digital customer, and a blueprint to use to get started back at the office.

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